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US stands firm as Netanyahu ridiculed at home

Obama 'humiliated' Netanyahu at meeting and Deliberation of Faruque Ahmed Regarding Terrorism at Herb Greedy Hall, Marrickville, Sydney, Australia is a good read in this regard.

US stands firm as Netanyahu ridiculed at home

March 26, 2010 - 3:21PM

The US appears in no mood to blink first in its tense showdown with Israel after reportedly handing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a blueprint to start moribund peace talks.

"The United States thinks it can't compromise with its national interests," political analyst Amjad Atallah from the New America foundation said.

"I'm not sure the Israelis have adjusted yet to this."

Mr Netanyahu was met with widespread media derision Thursday as he returned home after three days of meetings in Washington with no signs of a break in the impasse, triggered by Israel's refusal to back down on settlement building.

As Israeli media said he been showered in humiliation, the White House sought to give an upbeat tone to Mr Netanyahu's trip.

"We are making progress on important issues," spokesman Robert Gibbs insisted as President Barack Obama flew to Iowa on Air Force One.

Israeli government spokesman Nir Hefetz similarly claimed Israel and its closest ally had edged closer to an understanding, insisting "there is a narrowing of the gaps between the positions of Israel and the positions of the United States on this issue".

However, there was an unusually opaque news blackout throughout the visit, no concrete achievements were reported and the Israeli leader was given none of the trappings usually reserved for visitors such as photo op and press conference.

Early on Thursday Defence Secretary Robert Gates was even at pains to renew administration warnings that Israeli-Palestinian tensions harm US security interests in the Middle East.

"The lack of progress toward Middle East peace is clearly an issue that's exploited by our adversaries in the region," Mr Gates said adding it "does affect US national security interests in the region."

Mr Netanyahu reportedly returned to Israel carrying a written blueprint to get the peace process moving again, about 15 months after it was suspended following Israel's assault on the Gaza Strip in late 2008.

The document covers all issues, including Jerusalem, which need to be resolved to end the deadlock, The Washington Post said.

It includes Mr Obama's demand to freeze all settlement construction in east Jerusalem and the West Bank, Israeli radio said.

Mr Netanyahu is supposed to sell the plan to his cabinet.

But Israeli media said a briefing that Mr Netanyahu had intended to give his inner forum of seven senior ministers had now been postponed until Friday. Mr Netanyahu's office would not comment.

The row erupted into the open during a visit to Israel by Vice-President Joe Biden when the Israeli interior ministry announced the construction of 1600 new settlement homes in Arab east Jerusalem.

But experts say the settlement issue is not really the root cause of the worst dispute between the two allies in years.

"The reason the fight continues is not the settlements, it's because they haven't convinced Netanyahu to proceed toward a final status agreement," said Mr Atallah.

Others have also noted a new determination on Washington's part, despite the nation's strong pro-Israel lobby, some of whom gathered for this week's conference of the powerful American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

"Picking a fight with an Israeli prime minister the week before AIPAC's meeting in Washington will strike many foreigners as a gutsy move," said Walter Russell Mead, from the Centre of Foreign Relations.


Deliberation of Faruque Ahmed Regarding Terrorism at Herb Greedy Hall, Marrickville, Sydney, Australia

Totally misguided, brutal and destructive Crusades, Inquisition and Conquistador are vanishing from memories! However, carefully crafted and nurtured Islamic Terrorism and 72 Virgins are overtaking almost every dinner tables and political discussion forums!

A Palestinian kid who is playing in mum’s cradle, backyard and schoolyard is a terrorist because another group of people racing from four corners of the world to the holy land with passports from God. These peoples are claiming;

1. “We are the chosen people.

2. We are the superior race.

3. God gave us this land.

4. Our God gave us permission to ethnically cleanse non-Jews i.e. Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, … .”

Naturally, a Palestinian kid and many decent people consider the above as the Israeli Holocaust in the occupied Palestine.

Theodor Hartzl, Vladimir Jabotinsky, Joseph Weitz and many more documentations prove the fact that the Israeli Holocaust in the occupied Palestine was planned before Hitler’s holocaust. The 1952 Law of Entry, The 1952 Citizenship Law, The Law of Acquisition of Absentee Property, … are only a few mechanisms to enforce and implement the most painful and slow motion Israeli Holocaust in the occupied Palestine.

First Jewish colony in Palestine, 1878, United Nations Partition Plan-UN Resolution 181, 1947 / Rhodes Armistice Line, 1949 and This offer Projection of the West Bank Final Status Map presented by Israel, Camp David, July 2000 clearly show that the Israelis are determined to continue with the Israeli Holocaust in the occupied Palestine.

72 Virgins to Nothing

72 virgins wait for any Muslim or even Arab who commit suicide. However, no one waits for non-Muslims!! Therefore the question is, "why non-Muslims commit suicide"?

According to the ever-growing myth, the Australian Government is obliged to provide 144 000 virgins for 2000 Australian citizens who have committed suicide last year alone! However the United Nations Organisation is not providing (80 000 X 72 = how many virgins?) virgins to 80 000 farmers of the world who have committed suicide in the year 2007 too!! Legend says most of these farmers are neither Muslims nor religious!!!

Nonetheless, the US President George Bush saluted the Jews of Masada who have murdered their own children and then committed suicide to avoid capture by the Romans as "pure Jews"!

However, when a Palestinian kid finds his/her;

1. Mother was murdered by the Zionist bomb,

2. Father was gunned down by the Israeli terrorists,

3. Sister was dishonored by the Jewish criminals and

4. Life is empty and hopeless.

In desperation, if this Palestinian kid threw his/her body against all of those injustices and barbaric crimes. However, some good people in the "west" love to find 72 virgins and many cruel comments like Nazi-Zionists/Israelis/"Jews".

One must wonder how the hell prejudice, bigotry, double slandered and hypocrisy mentioned above growing every year?!

Would you believe we are not even allowed to ask Who Is A Semite, Do You Know Who Is a True Jew? and What is a Judeo-Christian culture? at many forums including the Yahoo Q and A.

The Israelis are not Semites in the first place! According to many credible Jewish, Christian and Muslim documentations the Jews died with Moses as they broke their covenant with God and Moses in many times! Yet, they use anti-Semitism to cover up their crime spree! We are not even allowed to question them!! However, they are free to insult anyone at anytime as some Israeli channels making fun of Jesus and Virgin Mary and broadcasting The God and Virgin Marry Sex Video too.

Right now, 11 times more soldiers than the old crusaders are occupying and terrorising Muslims’ countries! Now, could you kindly let me know, who is terrorising who and who is the real terrorist?

Faruque Ahmed


Free Australia Now

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Source: Crimes Exposed

Obama 'humiliated' Netanyahu at meeting


March 26, 2010

JERUSALEM: The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, returned to Israel last night after an apparently disastrous meeting with the US President, Barack Obama, in Washington.

According to leaked accounts reported in the Israeli media, Mr Obama humiliated Mr Netanyahu by leaving the meeting early.

''I'm going to the residential wing to have dinner with Michelle and the girls,'' Mr Obama reportedly said, adding that Mr Netanyahu should consult his aides about goodwill gestures Israel was prepared to make towards the Palestinians before renewed peace talks. '''I'm still around,'' he said. ''Let me know if there is anything new.''

The talks were shrouded in an unusual news blackout, with no statement issued after the meeting and no official photographs released. US officials said the two met alone for about 90 minutes. Mr Netanyahu then huddled with staff separately for 90 minutes before requesting a second meeting with Mr Obama.

When the President returned, Mr Netanyahu is said to have made a counter-offer which Mr Obama did not accept.

In an Israeli TV interview before leaving for Israel, Mr Netanyahu said he had made progress in his meeting with Mr Obama. "I think we are finding the golden mean between the traditional policy of all the Israeli governments, and our desire to find a way to renew the peace process. I think we made progress today."

Relations between Israel and the US were shaken this month when, during a visit by the US Vice-President, Joe Biden, Israel announced plans to build 1600 Jewish homes on Palestinian land in occupied East Jerusalem.

One congressman who met Mr Netanyahu after his White House meeting said: ''It was awful. Netanyahu looked excessively concerned and upset. He waved around those pages, eager to persuade us that because of the complicated approval process for issuing construction permits in Jerusalem, one could never know in advance when a decision would be published on the issue.''

Writing in the Israeli Maariv, columnist Ben Caspit said there was no humiliation exercise the Americans did not try on Mr Netanyahu. ''Bibi received in the White House the treatment reserved for the president of Equatorial Guinea,'' Caspit wrote.

Yedioth Ahronoth said the White House ambushed Mr Netanyahu. ''Everything was scrupulously planned, most likely, and the Israeli Premier, perhaps the most sought-after personage in the Oval Office in the past two decades, was received like the last of the wazirs from Lower Senegal.''

The consensus among Israeli commentators is that the US will continue to exert more pressure on Israel to move swiftly towards the creation of a Palestinian state.

''The US is abandoning us and effectively turning into Europe,'' Caspit wrote. ''From now on, we are completely alone. The entire world, from one end to another, talks about a Palestinian state inside territory similar to 1967.''

''Obama wants to know whether Netanyahu is there. In explicit words, in writing, not with hints, not with a 'maybe,' not with a 'yes, but'. A simple question that requires a simple answer.''

US and Israeli officials are working on a document dubbed ''the blueprint,'' which covers all issues, including Jerusalem, that need to be resolved to let talks go forward.

Mr Netanyahu will try to sell it to his cabinet while the US Middle East envoy, George Mitchell, will take it to Arab and Palestinian officials for approval

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Do You Know Islam Can Protect Itself?

Do You Know Islam Can Protect Itself?

Islam means justice, fairness, equality, humanity and kindness! Many people used to be enemies of Islam and at the end of the day they themselves became defenders of Islam.

Apart from very cunning, creative and expensive propaganda against Islam, Islamic history is fairly better than others!

A few Muslims who are reacting violently to free themselves from years of oppression and subjugation can not be used as example of violence in Islam as many non-Islamic freedom movements have some violent records.

Most importantly, Islam is not anyone’s private property and anyone can enjoy the beauty and majesty of Islam by joining in Islam.

Remember, Islam is not property of Bin Laden or Bush.